Martin Lane of FASTLANE TRAINING is our on site trainer working with The Gap Physiotherapy Centre to help clients complete their rehabilitation and achieve their performance or health related goals. He possesses a diverse skill set and is capable of working with both everyday and high performance athletes of all ages. 

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As a coach and athlete Marty is dedicated to the benefits of long term fitness and general wellbeing. He possess both the physical capacity and acquired knowledge to coach, train and mentor clients to acquire greater physical awareness and the capacity to move well and build better athletic and physical performance whilst avoiding injury. This is achieved using multiple methodologies that are scientifically proven and evidence based. The specific methodologies are Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Twist Sport Strength and Conditioning (TSSC), complemented by Clinical Pilates.

Marty's extensive personal research into the dynamics of optimal physical and general wellbeing and fitness and the impact this has on speed, balance, core strength and agility have lead him to undertake studies in the USA and in the Canadian based Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) system. He is one of only a few practitioners in Australia to be accredited in FRC, which has been a breakthrough training methodology around the world in rehabilitation, high level fitness and sporting arenas. 

It is Marty's aim to work with individuals, sports teams, clubs and schools to instil positive attitudes and self-confidence, and to enable a self-driven commitment to understanding the importance of physical performance as it applies to long term physical wellbeing and capacity.

  • Marty is available for one on one exercise sessions, working closely with our physiotherapists to help clients achieve their goals.

Contact us today to fast track your health, rehabilitation or performance goals with Marty from FASTLANE TRAINING.