Keeping your Dynamic Warm-up Simple but Effective!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017.  One of, if not, the most common New Year resolutions each and every year is to begin working out and increase activity levels.  All too often these good intentions lead to injuries and before you know it February has arrived and exercise has ceased.  To help avoid this scenario and maintain the activity levels a simple but effective dynamic warm up can reduce the chance of injury and make exercise more enjoyable.

To warm up dynamically means to move whilst doing so, we want to apply this theory to the entire body.  The video below runs through a quick and simple, but effective, dynamic warm up. The aim is to move each joint in the body through its range of motion in a controlled manner. This warm up will work for a moderate level of exercise however needs to be expanded for higher levels of exercise by incorporating sport/exercise specific movements. Each movement should be performed in a controlled manner and be 100% pain free. You should allow a minimum of 5 minutes before gentle exercise for your warm up.

Warm up well to enjoy your exercise

The Gap Physio