Ever wondered what is causing your headaches?

Ever wondered what is causing your headaches?

Cervical Headaches are headaches caused by the joints, muscles, connective tissue or neural structures in the neck.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Constant dull ache associated with pain and stiffness in the neck
  • Usually felt around the base of the skull, front & sides of the head or around the eyes
  • Typically gradual onset
  • Aggravated by head / neck movement and sustained postures
  • May have associated symptoms of light headedness, dizziness or ringing ears

Why Does it Happen?

Usually pain originates from irritated nerve roots in the cervical spine, although it can also be referred from stiff joints in the upper neck and trigger points in the soft tissue surrounding this area.  Stress & poor posture often contribute to cervical headaches.  In particular, posture involving rounded shoulders, an extended neck and poked chin is linked to cervical headache. This posture is an unfortunate product of extended computer use and poor ergonomic set up.


Physiotherapy directed at correcting abnormalities of the cervical spine, along with ergonomic adjustments and postural control and awareness are ways we can treat these headaches and minimise their effect on your ability to enjoy the things important to you.

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